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Visions are among the unique elements of Epigoni:

The setting of Epigoni is a flexible backdrop for any story the group wants to tell: every Epigoni campaign creates its own Vision, describing the style and register (or Narrative Pact) as well as the content of its adventures.

Each Vision is only one of infinite possibilities, and that’s the beating heart of Epigoni: there is no overarching perspective, no single way of reading the world.

Epigoni travels through space, time and tone. Nothing’s keeping you from imagining a cyberpunk future or delving into the quasi-historical past, from choosing an ironic atmosphere or a heroic one: just adapt the Myth Entities you’ll encounter to your own personal Vision!

The Epigoni books are full of Visions you can start with as the backdrop for your adventures.

The Visions manual will be 240 pages long, and include Visions written by the Epigoni team or unlocked through Stretch Goals. These additional Visions include “Aztlan” (inspired by Aztec mythology) and “Nights in Moscow” (a bridge between the turbulent years of post-Soviet transition and traditional Russian fairy-tales). The physical manual will be printed in color, in A5 format. The book will also be available in PDF format. 

Two Visions will also be available in the Epigoni Corebook, “Mythical Nights” (set in 90s Italy) and “Gods of London” (set in the glamorous London of the 2000s).

Today, we tear a Gash in the Veil on some of the Visions you will find in the books: brace yourself for a journey between ages and continents!


Vision by Nicola Santagostino.

In Nineties Italy, the clash between old and new ideas (and ideals) reaches far beyond the tensions in the world of mortals, into the war between the Youngsters for Progress and the Old Geezers led by the Folks of Rome.

Old Geezers are Myth Entities born from folklore or ancient traditions and therefore closely linked to a mythical and mythicized past.
Youngsters, on the other hand, are new ideas born of the rapid changes that took place after World War II and they’re about to break out.

Even if their nature as Myth Entities makes dialogue difficult, their coexistence would not be impossible but the conflict is exacerbated by two characters: Doctor Progress, the embodiment of the dark side of modernity, who wants to erase the past and Mars, the bloodthirsty Roman god of war, who sees in the new invaders a threat to be eradicated mercilessly.


“Mythical Nights” will also include “Between Scylla and Charybdis” ,  written by WW and OPP author Matthew Dawkins (The Gentleman Gamer).

His adventure will lead you in Turin, in the glamorous world of fashion, that you will see through a noir and mythpop lens.



Vision by Roberto Luna

In contemporary Mexico, Aztec gods seeking revenge clash in ferocious wars for power with folklore creatures and ambitious mortals, fighting to claim the ancient lands of the lost Mexica Empire as their own.

When colonizers settled in Mesoamerica, the Aztec people were brought down by the secrets of steel and gunpowder. The great Empire was suffocated and its people became a minority in their own lands, a cruel fate shared with neighboring kingdoms.

Centuries after the fall, stories still live and thrive in modern popular culture, and the creatures born of them safely continue their existence today behind the Veil that separates the mundane from the fantastic.

Under the siege of creatures brought by European colonizers and Entities from the old kingdoms of the Americas, this bloody war rages on in the shape of gang fights, political struggles and secret conspiracies.

Are you curious? Keep an eye on this page … spoilers will increase in the following days!


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