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and discover who
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What's Epigoni?

Epigoni pits you as the unworthy scions of Deities, Legends and Incarnations of ideas: common people, hanging in the balance between day-to-day life and a new dimension filled with dark plots and feuding Myth Entities.

Unlike the Entities that gave birth to them, forever bound to their role in the story, these Epigoni are dangerous anomalies in the World of Myth: they’re free from the constraints of a pre-written plot.

For this reason, they can’t help but draw the watchful, inhuman eye of Fate. Its goal isn’t simply to put Epigoni through adventure after bizarre adventure: it’s to push them into becoming the Stereotype it has chosen for them, turning them into merciless, mundane, easily forgettable beings: the Vacui.

Epigoni is a roleplaying game about dreams, ideas, and self-affirmation. Defy Fate and discover who you really are!

“The Veil of Maya was torn off your eyes and now you see a different world, chock-full of incarnated stories, wandering deities and eternal legends. But all of it has a price, and now Fate- the ultimate storyteller- wants to rewrite you to its liking. In a world where mythology meets pop culture, the choice is up to you: will you bow to Fate’s whims and lose yourself forever, or follow your Path and write your own story?”

What's Mythpop?

Fancy suits and brutal theatrics, ancient myths in a neon palette, 8-bit remixes of classical music, and the collective imagination of the society we live.

This is MythPop.

Want to face off against the Incarnation of the Eighties as you sip Ambrosia from a Martini glass? Want to be thrown into a turf war between King Arthur and the Big Bad Wolf? Want to defend Rap from all the slander thrown by Antonio Salieri? If the answer is yes, Epigoni is the game for you.

what makes epigoni unique

Craft your personal Vision together with your fellow players and make your every adventure or saga unique.

Write your own story, face off against Deities, Legends and Incarnations as you struggle to break free from the whims of Fate.

Customize your characters and their powers quickly and easily thanks to the CopperHead System.


and discover who
you really are

The Copperhead System

A handful of 8-sided dice, a few character sheets and a group of people ready to tell an action story together! That’s all you need with CopperHead.

Roleplaying means actively contributing to the creation of a shared story, through a back-and-forth conversation that builds it up word after word.

Sometimes, what should happen next is clear to everyone- often, the most mundane answer is also the best.

But when the outcome of a situation is uncertain, it’s the rules and dice that decide what happens at the end of the Challenge!

A Challenge can be many things:

Outrunning the Wild Hunt through a crazy car chase.

Punching Zeus in the face to pay off a debt to Hades.

Coping with the panic instilled by a Nightmare.

Getting a greedy Goblin to give up his precious loot.

When a Challenge comes up, players describe how they’ll act by using the Keywords that define their characters and try to make things as easy as possible.
Dice rolls in the CopperHead System only require the use of D8 and Players only roll when the outcome of an action is uncertain. The result of the roll determines the resolution of the action: will it succed or will it fail? And what negative Consequences will it entail?

The CopperHead System Essential Toolbox, containing the base mechanics without the rules and setting specific to Epigoni, is available under a Creative Commons attribution non-commercial license. Do with it as you will, just credit the original authors!

Download the CopperHead Toolbox here⤵︎

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